The Suitcase will Now Carry The Passenger

Olive the new suitcase brand is the brainchild of Iran-based Ikap Robotics, and although it looks like a normal part of baggage, it has a Segway-like, self-balancing auto-locomotive system which maintain constancy as riding on 2 wheels by using 3D accelero-meters and gyro-scopes. With in-built stereo-scopic camera, it can construct

GM-NASA Robotic Glove amplifies grip : A New Invention

Joint scheme by General Motors(GM) and NASA to create a “Robotic Glove” that amplify hand power for astronauts in space as well as after coming down to earth. General Motors(GM)  hopes the force-enhancing, cell-powered glove will decrease power exhaustion as healthy as twice or tripling the strength of a handler’s